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The Real Pod Mod: Know the difference between RPM 40, RPM 80, and RPM 80 Pro


Posted on février 06 2020

The Real Pod Mod: Know the difference between RPM 40, RPM 80, and RPM 80 Pro

The Real Pod Mod collection by SMOK has a great line of devices that give you the convenience of a pod with the power of a box mod. These devices are perfect for all vapers. A beginner vaper can easily transition from smoking to vaping through these devices because of the low power wattage they offer and the wide range of coils available for use. Intermediate vapers can increase their wattage level to dip their toes in to a more powerful vape experience without having to purchase a separate box mod. For advanced users these products are very comfortable due to their smaller size when compared to the average box mod. For more specs and details continue reading…

Smok RPM 40

The Smok RPM 40 is one of the first pod mod systems to be released by SMOK. It is an internal battery device so you won’t have to go through the trouble of purchasing a separate battery. The size of the internal battery is 1500 mAh which is larger than most ordinary pod systems. It can be fully charged in just 2 hours. The large internal battery makes it possible for the device to reach 40W. The wattage range starts from as low as 1W and goes high up to 40W. This kit includes two different pods; an Smok RPM Standard pod and a Smok RPM Nord pod. The second pod comes in handy if you have two different flavours you like to vape often. This way you can switch out your pods whenever you want to switch up your e-liquid. The RPM pod was made for the Smok RPM coils released with this product. The Nord pod is for the previously released Smok Nord coils in case you like those better. Having the choice to choose between two large coil lines lets you experience all different types of vaping. The RPM line also includes the Smok RPM RBA coil for those of you who like to build your own coils. From mouth to lung and sub-ohm vaping you have the advantage of testing out a variety of coils to find which suits you better without having to switch out devices. When using Smok RPM coils the pod is able to hold 4.3mL of e-liquid. When using a Smok Nord coil the pod will have a large e-liquid capacity of 4.5mL. With a spacious pod of this size you have the luxury of not having to refill your pod very often. This stunning device is available in 17 colours. The Smok RPM 40 is an excellent upgrade from a Smok Nord or Smok Novo device or simply from a device that doesn’t have adjustable wattage. The kit is suited for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.

Smok RPM80 

The Smok RPM 80 Mod Pod is another internal battery pod mod by SMOK however unlike the Smok RPM 40 the Smok RPM 80 can power up to 80W. The battery size of this device is double of Smok RPM 40 at 3000 mAh. An internal battery of this size is really only found in intermediate level devices. So to power a pod with such a large battery you won’t have to plug your device in to charge very often. You also will be able to play with the wattage to see if a higher power device is something you prefer over low wattage systems. This device was introduced with a brand new pod called the Smok RGC pod, alongside the existing Smok RPM pod. Meaning similar to the Smok RPM 40 kit you have two pods to switch in and out as you like. The Smok RPM pod is meant to be used with the Smok RPM coil line. The Smok RGC pod is to be used with the brand new Smok RGC coil line. The Smok RGC coil line has also introduced a new Smok RGC RBA coil for your DIY projects. What makes the RGC pod unique is that it has adjustable airflow. Similar to sub-ohm tanks the RGC pod has an adjustable air flow ring at the bottom that can be rotated to your desired level of airflow. Both the Smok RPM 80 pod and the Smok RGC pod have an e-liquid capacity of 5mL. A grand juice capacity of this size is mainly found in sub-ohm tanks so one fill of the pod will easily last you longer than a day. This device is a great upgrade from any pod device that does not have adjustable wattage or simply does not go up to 80W. This device is perfect for you if you want something convenient to put into your pocket while producing power and vapor of a box mod device. RPM 80 is available in 7 colors.

Smok RPM 80 PRO

The Smok RPM 80 Pro  is exactly the same as the Smok RPM 80 but it requires an external battery. A positive feature of this product is the external battery port. Unlike internal batteries, an external battery can be easily replaced after it burns out. Usually an internal battery device will last you a couple years depending on how often you charge it. After an internal battery is dead it cannot be replaced, you will have to purchase a new kit. The plus side with an external battery device is that once the battery is dead you can hold onto your device and simply purchase a new external battery for only $12.99. This way you save money in the long run with not having to purchase a new kit every couple of years. The RPM 80 Pro is a great buy for those of you who are looking to upgrade from a pod device that does not offer a high wattage. It is great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. 

The RPM 40, RPM 80, and RPM 80 Pro are all available for purchase at The Vape Company in-store and online.

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