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Posted on novembre 22 2019


STLTH and JUUL are the most popular pod systems on the market. These closed pod systems are recommended for smokers looking to quit. They are both designed to resemble a cigarette with the same amount of vapor and tight draw. Here you can learn how they are different and which device may be better for you.

What is STLTH?


STLTH is a Canadian e-cigarette brand that introduced a pod system similar to JUUL. The STLTH device is very simple to use and also very affordable, attracting many consumers for this very reason. The creators of STLTH are all ex-smokers who were able to quit smoking through the help of vape devices. Their goal was to create a device that was simple to use and affordable to provide cigarette smokers with a healthier alternative.

A STLTH kit includes 3 things; the device, one replacement pod in the flavour Berry Blast, and a charging cable. 

The device has an internal battery capacity of 420 mAh. A battery capacity of this size will last you 250 puffs. 

The pod has a 2mL juice capacity. This pod must be replaced every 2-5 days once the pod is empty. The amount of days the pod last can last depends on how often you use your device.

The cost of a pack of 3 replacement pods can range from $14.99 to $15.99 depending on the brand of flavor you choose to purchase. STLTH Pods are available in 22 flavours that can be found with 20 mg, 35mg or 50mg of nicotine. 

The charging cable is a micro USB cable which can be conveniently plugged in to any charging dock. 

The price of a STLTH starter kit is $24.99 and is available in four colours; black, navy blue, grey, and rose gold. 



Naked 100


Rope Cut



Each pack of pods contains 3 pods. With one pod containing 2mL of e-liquid, one pack of pods is 6mL of e-liquid.

What is JUUL?



JUUL is owned by the Tobacco company named Altria. It was created to attract customers transitioning from cigarettes to vapes. JUUL is very well known for its pod system and has built a great name for themselves. Their pod is purchased and used by many vapers to quit smoking. The pod itself when compared to other closed pod systems is more expensive. Many people would still spend the extra money to have this device without learning the difference between JUUL and  other devices like STLTH. It’s important to learn the difference to find what is right for you. The following will give you a better idea at what you're getting for the amount you are spending.

A JUUL starter kit contains 6 things; the device, 4 pods (vanilla, mango, virginia tobacco, mint), and a USB charging dock.

The JUUL device has a battery capacity of 200mAh. A battery this size will last you 200 puffs in one charge.

The pods for this device have 0.7mL of juice and must be replaced once the pod is empty. You can expect a pods to finish every 200 puffs. A pack of 4 replacement JUUL pods is $20.99. Juul pods are available in 6 flavors that can be found with 1.5% (18mg), 3.0% (35mg, 5% (59mg) of nicotine.

The charging dock can be plugged into a USB port on your computer to charge your device.

The price of a JUUL starter kit is $64.99. The device is only available in a black color.



Each pack of pods contains 4 pods. With each pod having a juice capacity of 0.7mL, a pack of pods will contain 2.8mL of e-liquid.


In conclusion, STLTH and JUUL may work the same but have differences between juice capacities, flavors, battery size, and even their prices. Knowing these things can help you decide which one is better for you. Personally I feel that STLTH wins the game of closed pod systems. It has more flavours and gives me more for my money. If you find yourself looking for a closed pod system, definitely try out STLTH it’s a great choice for an affordable way to test out a closed pod system, and who knows you may just end up loving it! 


For more information on which starter kit may be best for you, visit or any one of our stores for more info!

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