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RBA Vaping Learn The Difference Between RBA, RTA, RDA, And RDTA


Posted on décembre 03 2019

RBA Vaping Learn The Difference Between RBA, RTA, RDA, And RDTA

Once you’ve become an advanced vaper you may want to start building your own coils. Learning what product is right for you can be confusing with so many different terms thrown at you. Here we will explain what these terms mean so you can better understand what will work for you!


One of the first things to understand is RBA. RBA stands for Re-Buildable Atomizer. A rebuildable atomizer is a tank with a coil deck designed for users to build and install their own coils. Generally, any atomizer with a build deck can be called an RBA. Now under that term there are a few sub categorical terms like RTA, RDA, and RDTA.


RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. An RTA has an RBA deck where you place the coils you’ve made. The build deck for an RTA sits at the bottom or the center of the tank. The deck is surrounded by a “chimney” that extends up to the mouthpiece and a “bell system” that covers the coil inside the tank. This chimney is what holds the e-liquid around the coil you have designed. The “bell” helps the coil to absorb juice faster by creating a  pressure vacuum. The pressure created is great for rebuildable atomizers because of the high power wattage they are used with. 

This is great for users who don’t switch flavors every couple drags because the chimney will hold a good amount of juice before they must refill it.

Examples of RTA’s are the Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA and the  Vandy Vape Kylin V2, these can be found in any of The Vape Company stores or online at


An RDA is similar to an RTA but has a few differences. First off, RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. An RDA is a type of RBA that requires you to drip e-liquid on the coils every couple of drags. Unlike an RTA it does not have a tank to hold e-juice to be absorbed by the coils. RDA’s usually have some space at the bottom of the atomizer to hold a very small amount of e-juice. This space helps to prevent the ends of the wick from not being saturated. Whoever uses an RDA must “drip” e-liquid over the coil every couple drags in order to correctly saturate the cotton and prevent it from burning.

An RDA is great for vapers who enjoy mixing up the e-liquid they use and don't mind having to carry around a bottle of e-liquid to vape wherever they go.

An example of an RDA is the Vandy Vape Widow Maker RDA. This particular RDA is available at The Vape Company stores and can also be purchased online at


RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. The build deck of an RDTA is similar to that of an RDA however an RDTA does not use dripping to saturate the coils. An RDTA is designed with a tank underneath the build deck instead of around the build deck like an RTA. For a more simple understanding.. An RDTA is basically an RDA but with a tank underneath the coil deck.


A simple recap of everything mentioned above is:

RBA VS RDA - A Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is a type of Rebuildable Atomizer that does not have a tank to hold e-liquid.

RDA VS RTA - A Rebuildable Tank Atomizer has a tank to hold e-liquid that will saturate the coils while an RDA does not have this tank. An RTA can hold a few milliliters of e-juice compared to the few drops an RDA can hold. Unlike an RTA, an RDA requires you to manually saturate the coil by dripping the e-liquid over it. 

RDTA VS RDA - A Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer is like an RDA but with a tank placed under the coil deck. Unlike an RDA, an RDTA does not require you to drip e-liquid manually over the coil or wick. Instead the tank underneath the coil deck saturates the coil for you.

RTA VS RDTA - The difference between and RTA and an RDTA is the placement of the tank. The tank holding the e-liquid is placed around and at the base of the coil when it comes to RTA’s. RDTA’s on the other hand have tank placed underneath the coil deck.

All these terms are quite similar but have slight differences in what they actually mean. Each product is great if you’re looking to start building your own coils. At the end it's up to you to decide which one you prefer. 

For Any More Information On What RBA, RDA, RTA, And RDTA Is Better For You Visit The Vape Company Stores Or Email Us At

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