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Posted on octobre 01 2019

STLTH Device and Various Replacement Pods


A pod system also called a pod vape, mini vape, or vape pod is a small battery device recommended for long term smokers switching to vaping. A pod system is preferred by these users because it resembles a cigarette by the way the device looks and as well as how similar the vapor is to cigarette smoke. There are two types of pod systems; closed pod systems and open pod systems.

What is a closed pod?

 A closed pod system has two parts; the device and the pre-filled pod. 

The device contains the internal battery which powers the rest of the system.

The pod is where the coil is located with the e-liquid containing nicotine. This pod can not be opened to replace a coil or refill e-liquid. The pod and its flavor can last between 2 to 5 days depending on how often you use the device. Once the flavor in the pod is finished you must replace the pod.

A closed pod system is the simplest form of a vape, all you need to do is plug the pod into the device and its ready to use. Some examples of a closed pod system are STLTH and JUUL.


  • Resembles cigarette feeling
  • Great for quitting smoking
  • Discreet and does not create too much vapor
  • Less likely to leak
  • Easy to use
  • Great for people who prefer not having to change their coil
  • Plug n’ play
  • No need to purchase e-liquid or coils separately


  • Limited flavor options
  • Smaller battery
  • Pre-filled pods cost more per mL when compared to a 30mL e-liquid bottle
  • Limited color options

What is an open pod?

An open pod or refillable pod system has three replaceable parts; the device, pod, and coil. 

The device is where the battery is placed, this powers the rest of the system. The refillable pod is like a tank that holds the e-liquid containing nicotine. 

The pod does not include e-liquid when you purchase the kit, you must fill the tank with an e-liquid sold separately.  

The coil is a filter placed inside the pod. About every 10 days you may or may not have to replace this coil depending on how often you use the device. 

An open pod system can be used with a variety of coils designed for freebase and/or salt nic e-juices to better your vapor and flavor experience. Some examples of an open pod system are Uwell Caliburn and Smok RPM.

  • Many color options
  • Different coil options that can be used with either freebase or salt nic e-liquids
  • Wider range of pods and brands
  • Bigger juice capacity
  • Larger battery capacity
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Greater variety of flavors
  • Can include adjustable wattage


  • Must refill pods
  • Must replace coils
  • Leaking issues may occur
  • Must purchase pods and coils separately

Need more help deciding on the right system? 

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