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PAX 2 And PAX 3 What’s The Difference?


Posted on novembre 12 2019

PAX 2 And PAX 3 What’s The Difference?

If you use a vaporizer or are interested in purchasing a vaporizer, you must have heard of the Pax series. Pax has introduced a new device called the Pax 3, which is essentially the Pax 2 with some new features. Some of the differences between the two are…

The Exterior

The more visible difference between the two devices is their exterior finishing.

Pax 2 has a more metallic finish when compared to Pax 3. This exterior is more resistant towards scratches and also prevents fingerprint marks.

Pax 3 on the other hand has a more matte finish. It is less resistant to scratches, meaning if your device were to  fall and get scratched up, the scratch would be more noticeable on the Pax 3 than the Pax 2. Personally, a finish like this is what I would prefer. However, choosing one device over the other shouldn't just be determined by its exterior finish.

Heat Up Time

The ramp up time for the Pax 2 is slower when compared to Pax 3. It takes the Pax 2 device 45 seconds to heat up to its lowest temperature setting.

The Pax 3 device only requires 22 seconds to heat up to its highest temperature level and only 15 seconds for its lowest level. This improvement with heat up time allows your vape to be ready faster for you to take a couple puffs before putting it away.


Pax Mobile App

Pax 3 has an app designed for it that lets you choose your desired temperature level. It also has other options like boost mode, efficiency mode, stealth mode, and flavor mode.

Boost mode helps makes sure the oven remains hot in between hits. This feature enables you to produce a lot of vapor. It is especially useful for when you are using concentrates because there is always enough heat to vaporise your coil.

Efficiency mode  will slowly raise the temperature of the oven to maximize the performance of your herbs.

Stealth Mode will cool down your device faster to prevent strong odors.

Flavor Mode only heats up your device and your herb when you take a pull. Vapor production with this mode is not much. However, you will get more flavor.

Haptic Feedback

Haptic Feedback  (vibration alert) is a feature where your Pax 3 will vibrate when it is finished heating up.


The Pax 2 was released with a few accessories used for dry herb vaping. The kit includes:

  • 1 Screen 
  • Full Pack Oven Lid
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Charging Kit


The Pax 3 has a more upgraded accessories kit that includes the following:

  • 3 Screens
  • Full Pack Oven Lid 
  • Half Pack Oven Lid
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Charging Kit
  • Concentrate Insert
  • PAX Multi-Tool / Packing Tool


The Pax 3 accessories kit allows you to use either dry herb or concentrates. The different sized oven lids make it easier to use the device without filling the entire oven. This kit is great for users who find themselves having shorter vape sessions.


In conclusion both kits are great. If your budget is $200 then go for the PAX 2. However, if you could spend more I would recommend the PAX 3. The accessories and device itself are worth the extra money.

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