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Most Common Vape Mistakes


Posted on novembre 19 2019

Most Common Vape Mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen with anything you try, they only make us better.! If you are new to vaping or simply not enjoying your vape experience, avoiding the following mistakes can help you enhance your vaping experience.

Purchasing The Wrong Vape

Buying your first vape doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right information The Vape Company store associates can find you the perfect vape. Questions like; whether or not you smoke cigarettes, how many cigarettes you smoke, how much vapor you prefer, and what device attracts you more, among some other questions  will determine what device is recommended for you. 

There are 3 basic categories of vapes to choose from:

  • Beginner

These devices are designed for people new to vaping who are looking for something simple and easy to use. These devices also tend to be cheaper compared to advance level vapes. Pods like the Smok RPM and the Uwell Caliburn fall under this category. 

  • Intermediate

Some of the devices recommended for intermediate users who are looking to upgrade from a beginner device are; Voopoo Mojo 88W Kit and Vaporesso Swag II 80W Starter Kit. These kits are great for someone looking to lower their nicotine level and create more vapor. 

Other intermediate devices are usually pen shaped devices like the Smok Stick 80W Kit and the Freemax Twister Kit. These pen shaped devices can also be recommended to beginner vapers who are looking for more vapor and more flavor with not too much nicotine. 

  • Advance

Advance level devices are usually for customers looking to upgrade from their intermediate device. These customers look for great cloud production, larger batteries, and larger tanks. Advanced devices like the Smok Mag P3 230W Kit and the Voopoo Alpha Zip Kit usually cost much more than intermediate device. These devices are almost always external battery devices meaning you must also purchase external batteries separately to use the device.

Purchasing The Wrong E-Liquid

After picking your vape device you will then pick an e-liquid flavor. Depending on how much you smoke and what device you've purchased you will either get a Freebase e-liquid or Salt nic e-liquid. You must then decide what level of nicotine is best for you, this will also be determined by the device you picked and how many cigarettes you smoke. With the help of any The Vape Company associates you can purchase the correct e-liquid to suit your needs. The right e-liquid is crucial to having a great vape experience.

Not Priming Your Coil

Every time you replace your pod or coils you must make sure you prime your coils correctly. Priming your coils will prevent dry hits and your coils from burning too quickly. Click here to Learn How To Prime Your Coils.

Low Battery

If you find yourself always on the go and not having time to charge your device, look to purchase a device with a large battery to last you all day. Charge your device before bed so it is ready to use every morning. You don't want to be in the middle of a session and your battery dies on you.

For More Information On What Is Right For You Visit Any One Of The Vape Company Locations Today!

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