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Posted on octobre 31 2019


What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping is a way of vaping used to produce large clouds of vapor with more flavor. These clouds of vapor are easily produced through the use of low resistance coils under 1.0 ohms and high powered mods. In order to correctly use these coils you must use a vape device that can reach high wattage levels.

In the past many cloud chasers tried using larger batteries so their device could produce more vapor. A larger battery did help to create more vapor yet that wasn't enough. The coils that were used then could only be pushed to a certain wattage level. In order to achieve their goal, cloud chasers had to change the resistance of the coils they were using. For the amount of vapor they desired, the resistance of the coil had to be less than 1.0 ohm and a coil of such resistance was not available on the market. These users then made their own coils to achieve a low resistance under 1.0 ohm. 

Low Resistance Coils + Higher Device Wattage = Massive Cloud Production 

Coils of such low wattage were not readily available like they are now. Today the vaping industry offers a wide range of sub ohm tanks with pre built coils suited for these tanks. 

What Are Sub Ohm Tanks?

Sub ohm tanks are tanks specifically designed to produce massive clouds and vapor. These tanks must be used with high powered devices. Sub ohm tanks resemble RDTA’s but without having to build your own coils.

Some of the best sub ohm tanks are:

Advantages Of Sub Ohm Vaping:

  • More vapor
  • More flavor
  • Larger juice capacity
  • More airflow
  • Can be easily used with high VG e-liquids
  • Higher wattage
  • Larger coil option to better suit your vape experience
  • More convenient that RDA’s and RDTA’s
  • No need to build your own coils

Disadvantages Of Sub Ohm Vaping:

  • Sub ohm tanks will drain the battery of your device because of high wattage
  • Larger amount of vapor is not suited for mouth to lung vaping
  • Can be more expensive with having to refill juice and changing coils often
  • Not discreet
  • Uses more e-liquid than a MTL device

When choosing the right sub ohm tank consider the e-juice capacity for the tank. A larger tank will hold more e-liquid and will prevent you from having to refill it often. Learn the price of the replacement coils to calculate whether or not it is within your budget. You will find yourself replacing coils every week. This is due to the high wattage of your device. The large amounts of vapor produced will also have you using more e-liquid. If you are looking for better flavor, purchase a tank that offers mesh coils.

For More Information About Which Sub Ohm Tank Is Right For You Visit Any One Of The Vape Company Stores Today!

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