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Is Your Vape Harsh?


Posted on novembre 29 2019

Is Your Vape Harsh?

Whether you are new to vaping or have been vaping for a while you may at some point experience an uncomfortable throat hit. A harsh throat hit making you cough can be caused by a number of things, each of which can be adjusted to avoid this harsh throat hit. Here we will tell you some reasons as to why your vape is harsh and also ways to fix this problem.

Reasons why your vape is harsh:

  • VG/PG ratio - The Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol ratio of your e-juice can affect the overall throat hit. Some vapers are allergic to PG, they know this because when they vape their throat becomes itchy. If you tend to have the same experience look to purchase e-liquids with a lower level of PG. If you find yourself using an e-liquid with a 50VG/50PG ratio that causes your throat to itch, switch to  a ratio of 70VG/30PG or even 80VG/20PG. This will stop you from having an allergic reaction to your vape juice.


  • Nicotine Level - The level of nicotine your e-juice contains can determine why you are experiencing a harsh throat hit. E-liquids with a higher level of nicotine tend to have a stronger throat hit. However if you are new to vaping and are switching from smoking a large amount of cigarettes, a higher level of nicotine may work for you. On the other hand if you don’t smoke many cigarettes or any at all, and the recommended nicotine level for you is 3mg, then using a vape juice with 12mg of nicotine will create a harsh throat hit you won’t enjoy. Another way your nicotine level could create this harsh sensation is if you started off with a high level of nicotine when you first started vaping to quit smoking. And over some time that high level of nicotine became too strong for you. In that case, you must purchase an e-liquid with a lower level of nicotine. This way once you start cutting down you may just reach a point where you no longer need that nicotine hit.


  • Your Device - The way you use your vape device can affect your overall experience. When using a device that allows you to adjust the wattage to your preference, make sure the wattage you are using is one that is compatible with the coil you are using. Most manufacturers print the wattage the coil can withstand on the coil itself. Sometimes if the wattage is not printed on the coil, it can be found on the pack of the coils. Let's say the recommended wattage for your coil is between 30-50W. Using this coil at 80W will force it to burn and create an awful flavor and throat hit. To correctly utilize your coils make sure to prime them and to use them within the recommended wattage range.

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