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Posted on novembre 07 2019


Have you ever found e-liquid outside your tank and wondered how it ended up there? There are a few reasons why your tank may be leaking. The following tips will help you prevent your tank from leaking.

Avoid Using Old Coils

Knowing when you last used your tank can help you determine why it is leaking. For instance if you left your tank in your desk for a couple weeks and just pulled it out to use again. Chances are it will leak on you. This is because the coil inside the tank has been saturated with too much e-liquid and it has stopped absorbing more. This makes the extra e-liquid not used by the coil to leak from the tank.   

Do Not Leave Your Device In The Car

Leaving your vape in the car for a couple hours can make the tank leak. This is because the temperature it sits in can cause the e-liquid to thin thus causing the tank to leak.

Use The Correct Coil For Your E-Liquid

When using your vape device you must make sure the coils you use are suitable for the e-liquid you wish to vape.These coils have smaller openings to saturate the cotton with e-liquid. For this reason coils of higher resistance will be used with e-juices that have a higher PG to VG ratio. A high level of PG e-liquid creates a thinner e-juice allowing the juice to flow through the small gaps on the coil.

Higher VG e-liquids will cause the coil to clog since it can not vaporize all the e-juice properly.

Low resistance coils under 1.0 ohm will be used with higher VG to PG ratio e-juices. These low resistance coils have larger openings on the coil to allow the juice to flow. Higher VG e-liquids are thicker and prevent low resistance coils from being too saturated.

Increase Your Wattage

A common reason to why tanks leak is because the coil inside the tank is not being used with the correct wattage. On your coil you will find a recommended wattage level. Run your device at this power level to prevent your coil from being burnt too quickly or being too saturated.

Do Not Overfill Your Tank

When filling your tank with e-juice you must make sure you are not filling the e-juice directly into the central tube of the coil or the mouthpiece. Fill your e-liquid through the opening in the tank leading the juice directly to the tank and not the center of the coil.

Avoid overfilling the tank, this will cause the coil to be over-saturated and force the tank to leak e-liquid. Leave some space for air in the tank to help keep the e-liquid in its container.

Tighten All The Parts To Your Tank

After replacing your coils or refilling your e-liquid you must make sure that you are correctly putting your tank back together. Be sure to tighten the coil all the way when installing it into the tank. Double check all the parts of your tank to find any cross threading. 

Cross threading created gaps between the connections of all the parts of the tank. E-liquid creeps through these gaps and causes your tank to leak.

Don't Tighten Your Tank Too Much

As you may have noticed, your tank has rubber o-rings where different parts of the tank connect. These o-rings guarantee a perfect seal so your tank does not leak. When using too much force to tighten the parts of your tank you risk damaging the o-rings. Damaged and ripped o-rings will not allow your tank to connect correctly thus creating a leak.

For More Information On How To Maintain Your Tank To Prevent Leaking Visit The Vape Company Stores Today!

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