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How Will JUUL Prevent Minors From Purchasing Its Products


Posted on octobre 25 2019

How Will JUUL Prevent Minors From Purchasing Its Products

A JUUL is an e-cigarette/vape device used to deliver nicotine to the body. It is designed for smokers looking to quit. However, many minors have been caught using juul devices. These devices when used by minors can have some serious health effects. 

Let's Talk About How Minors Are Getting Their Hands On These Products…

There are many places selling nicotine products without checking customers for ID. Places like these make it much easier for an underage kid to purchase a nicotine product. 

Most online stores do not verify the identification of an online customer very well, this helps someone underage to buy nicotine products.

Some underage users will show fake ID at vape stores or convenient stores to purchase nicotine products. It is difficult to prove someone's ID as fake for a sales associate, therefore they may end up selling products to someone underage thinking they are of age.

At times minors have someone of legal age to purchase nicotine products for them. This way they are able to use nicotine products without the hassle of a fake ID or being turned away from a store.

These situations and many more are the reason minors are able to use nicotine products easily.

What Makes JUUL Appealing To A Minor?

Most kids don’t know what JUUL devices are made for or what consequences they may face when using a device like this. What makes them want to use the device is what they see about it in their environment or online. The vapor or sleek design of the device may catch their eye. It may seem “cool” when they see older generation using such a device. The vibrant posters and advertisements further encourage younger people to want to purchase this product. Online promotions from public figures influence followers to seek interests in these products. Many of these followers can be underage people.

What Is JUUL Doing To Stop Minors From Using Its Products?

Ever since JUUL has learned that many minors have been using its devices the brand has taken some steps to prevent its products to be sold to underage people.

  • It has created a new POS system where everyone who purchases a JUUL device must first register with an official government ID.
  • Plans on removing its instagram and facebook pages
  • The company will send 2,000 secret shoppers every month to different retail stores selling JUUL products
  • Will lay consequences for retailers selling products without identification
  • Will stop selling flavored pods in convenient stores
  • Will only sell tobacco flavored pods in convenient stores
  • Flavored pods will only be available in specialty stores like vape shops

How Can We Help To Stop Minors From Using Nicotine Products?

  • Store your nicotine products in a safe place away from children
  • Do not purchase nicotine products for underage kids
  • Check ID for any customers that look under the age of 25
  • Do not sell products to customers without ID
  • Do not sell products to underage kids

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