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How To Travel With Your Vape


Posted on novembre 05 2019

How To Travel With Your Vape

You have planned the perfect holiday, you’ve got your window seat on the plane, booked a nice Airbnb, and have amazing activities planned for your vacation! Except there is one more thing left to do and that is to pack your luggage. Could you or could you not bring you vape device on this trip with you?

First of all find out whether or not the places you are travelling to allow e-cigarettes and vaping devices. There are a few countries that have banned the use of these products. Therefore checking in advance will prevent you from losing your vape and its accessories to airport security.

Now that you know that your destination allows vape devices, you will have to figure out how much of each product you will need. Consider taking notes of your vaping needs for the weeks leading up to your vacation. This will help you learn how much e-liquid you are using and also how often you are purchasing replacement coils.

For your trip it's important you pack the amount of e-juice you would use for the amount of days you are gone. Maybe pack a little extra just in case. Keep your e-liquid with your toiletries in your carry-on. Do not exceed the amount of liquids or you will be putting yourself at risk of losing your e-juice. Do the same with the coils. If you find yourself using 1-2 coils every week. Pack 3 coils to avoid running out.

After you have packed your vape replacements, you move on to packing your device. An internal battery device is fairly simple to pack away. Turn off your device, remove the tank just in case. Place both in a tiny ziploc and squeeze it into your carry on luggage.

You must NOT charge your device on the plane, this will make passengers around you uncomfortable. You must also not use your device on the plane considering it's prohibited.

Furthermore, if you have an external battery device you will have to remove the batteries from the device and place them in a battery case. Stick the battery case into your carry on along with the device and your ready to go!

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