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How To Extend The Life Of Your Vape


Posted on novembre 30 2019

How To Extend The Life Of Your Vape

Extending the life of your vape means properly using all the components of the vape so they can function alongside each other for a longer period of time. Let's discuss each component of your device to learn how you can use your vape to its full potential.


The Battery

There are two different types of batteries when it comes to vape devices; internal batteries and external batteries. Internal batteries are those built inside the device, these can not be replaced. External batteries are for devices built without a battery. These batteries are purchased separately and then installed into the device. The lifetime for both these batteries around average is 1 year. However, once the battery for an internal device can no longer be charged, you will have to purchase an entire new device. For an external battery device you may purchase new batteries to replace your old ones and you’re ready to start vaping.

To make sure your batteries last at least the 1 year they are designed for, there are a few steps you can take to prevent damaging your batteries.

  • Turn your device off when not in use
  • If you find your vape to be at 50% battery avoid recharging it until it is much lower in charge or completely out of charge
  • Do not keep your batteries at 100% charge at all times
  • Store your batteries in a cool location… Not too cold and not too hot
  • Avoid storing your batteries with full charge.
  • Do not use old batteries with new batteries. For example, with a dual external battery device do not use one battery you purchased a couple months ago with a battery purchased last week



Using your coils incorrectly will force you to purchase more than you need. You will find yourself spending too much on coils that way. Some tips for coils are:

  • Learn how to correctly prime your coils
  • Use coils that are designed for the wattage you run your device at. Your coils will have a wattage rang written on them. Find that to know the perfect wattage for your coil



Your vape juice can affect how long your coils will last. If you often purchase sweet or dessert flavors your coils will burn a lot quicker. To avoid replacing coils every couple of days, purchase an e-liquid that does not have sugar. The sugar in sweeter flavours get stuck in the cotton of the coil and forces it to burn faster.



When assembling your tank make sure to not damage the rubber o-rings placed on the tank. Once these o-rings are damaged your tank will leak.


In conclusion, looking after each component of your vape will not only extend its life but also limit the amount you spend on replacement parts.

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