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External Battery Pods: Why you need to get your hands on one right away!


Posted on juin 17 2020

External Battery Pods: Why you need to get your hands on one right away!

If you don’t already know what a pod device is, it is a compact vape device designed to fit comfortably in your hand or pocket. Pod vapes are extremely convenient devices perfect for when you’re on the go. With the vape industry frequently developing new products pod devices have come a long way as well. 

In the past all pod vapes included an internal battery and their coils were better used with salt-nicotine e-liquids. Now, pod vapes come in a variety of styles from internal battery pod kits to external battery pod kits along with other differences. External batteries offer any device the opportunity to have a stronger, longer lasting battery and allow the user to vape at higher powers for better flavor and vapor production. 

The following are a hand full of external battery vape kits available on the market:

Voopoo Vinci X

Available at The Vape Company, The Voopoo Vinci X kit is an external battery mod which uses a single 18650 battery to power the mod up to 80W. The Vinci X pod can hold up to 5.5mL of juice that is the same as an average sub-ohm tank! The Voopoo Vinci X is to be used with the wide array of Voopoo PNP coils. These coils can range according to your preference. For sub-ohm vaping consider using the Voopoo PNP VM4 coil, it is great for flavour and cloud production. Two coils included in the Voopoo Vinci X starter kit are the Voopoo PNP VM1 0.3ohm coil and the Voopoo PNP VM4 0.6ohm coil. Available in 7 different colours the Voopoo Vinci X is a stylish external battery pod that not only offers amazing style but also produces excellent flavor and vapor.


SmokTech RPM 80 Pro

Also available at The Vape Company, the SmokTech RPM 80 Pro is another great option when looking for an external battery pod. The device requires a single 18650 battery to power the mod up to 80W. This kit is compatible with two pods; the SmokTech RPM80 pod which can be used with the large line of RPM 40 coils and the SmokTech RPM80 RGC pod which is the first pod to have adjustable airflow, the RPM RGC pod uses the RGC Conical Mesh coil that supports higher power. With both pods being a large size of 5mL juice capacity you won’t find yourself having to refill e-liquid very often. Sit back, relax, and vape on!


SmokTech Fetch Pro

The SmokTech Fetch Pro is an all new external battery  pod mod sought after for its compact design to fit in the palm of your hand while providing intense flavor and vapor. The SmokTech Fetch Pro device requires a single 18650 battery to power the device up to 80W. The device is compatible with two pods; Fetch Pro RPM pod and the Fetch Pro RGC pod. The Fetch Pro RPM pod can be used with any SmokTech RPM coil and will hold up to 4.3mL of e-liquid. On the other hand there is the Fetch Pro RGC pod which will only be used with the SmokTech RGC coil and will hold 4mL of e-liquid. The SmokTech Fetch Pro kit includes both pods for you to decide which one is best for you, it is a great starter kit if you are looking for control over power and vapor while using a sleek pocket-sized device.


SmokTech RPM160 

The SmokTech RPM160 is a dual battery pod that requires two 18650 batteries to power on and reach up to 160W. This device comes with a huge RPM160 pod that can hold 7.5mL of e-liquid! You will hardly have to fill the pod everyday! Once you do reach a point to refill your pod you can easily refill it without having to remove the pod from the device because the RPM 160 pod has a rubber plug located at the top of the pod rather than the side. For the best flavor use this device with the RPM 160 mesh coil that can be used at 80W. When looking for a dual battery mod which isn’t too bulky, the SmokTech RPM 160 is your go to starter kit.

Artery Nugget GT

The Artery Nugget GT is an extremely powerful external battery pod that requires two 18650 batteries and can reach up to 200W. This kit is one of a kind and the most powerful pod we have seen! The Artery Nugget GT pod has an enormous juice capacity of 8mL! The newly introduced XP coil series are used with this pod. The kit includes the XP 0.15ohm coil and the XP 0.4ohm coil. This is the most powerful pod system you will find.

Note. Each of the kits mentioned above do not include the required batteries. When purchasing an external battery kit you must purchase the required. Click here to purchase an 18650 battery required for the devices mentioned.

When on looking for a new vape device consider these pros for external battery pods:

  1. External 18650 batteries offer more power for a vaper to use their device at a higher wattage.
  2. External 18650 battery power can last longer preventing you from having to charge your device often.
  3. Adjustable wattage allows you to change power higher and lower according to your preference
  4. External battery pods can hold close to as much e-liquid as a sub-ohm tank, some times more.
  5. Can be used with salt nicotine and freebase nicotine e-liquids accompanied by the correct coil.
  6. You will not have to refill your pod very often.
  7. Affordable pricing for such a powerful device.
  8. Compact features to travel with your vape anywhere you go.
  9. Great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.
  10. Once the battery dies and can no longer be charged again, all you need is to replace the batteries instead of replacing the entire device.

An external battery pod is right for you if you want a device comfortable to take everywhere you go while providing exquisite flavor and a great nicotine hit. For power options an external battery pod will give you complete control over how high or low you'd like to go with the available wattage. Most pods have convenient refill systems and will not require you to refill so often due to the large e-liquid capacities.Whether you are a beginner looking to get into vaping or a intermediate/advance user looking to upgrade your device or trying out something new, these pods are made for every vaper! 

For Any Questions Regarding External Battery Vapes Visit Any One Of The Vape Company Locations, Message Us On Our Live Chat On TheVapeCompany.Com, Or Email Us At: support@TheVapeCompany.Com 

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