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Does E-Liquid Expire?


Posted on novembre 15 2019

Does E-Liquid Expire?

We’ve all noticed the colour of our e-liquid changing and wondered if it has expired. Eventually the taste of the e-liquid fades and you wonder the same thing again… Here I will tell you how to know whether or not you should throw out that old bottle of flavor.

Just like other products that are consumed have a shelf life so does vape juice. The ingredients in e-liquid are; Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and nicotine. The average lifespan of these ingredients is 2 years. However, this does not mean that your e-juice will only go bad once its reached two years. There are a few things that can affect this 2 year life time...


Where you store your e-liquid can really make a difference to how long it will last.

Placing your e-juice in a cool dark place away from too much light can help it to last longer.

If placed in direct sunlight or in extreme heat the ingredients are more likely to break down and expire.


Take a look at your e-juice and make sure the juice is well blended. The denser components of the e-liquid tend to drop to the bottom. If or when you see this happen give your bottle a shake to mix the liquid again. If after a couple tries the liquid continues to seem separated it would be best to throw it out.



When figuring out whether or not your old bottle of e-liquid is still good to use. Take a quick whiff to see if it still smells the same. Like other products that go bad an e-liquid may also have a bad odour after it expires. Keep in mind this may not happen with all e-juices.

Juices without nicotine will likely last longer. This is because nicotine has its own expiration time. When it is not included in an e-juice the only expiration times left are for VG and PG. 

E-liquids containing nicotine will lose their nicotine strength after the 3 components of the vape juice have separated. For example if you have a 6 mg e-juice, once the elements inside have broken apart you may only get 3 mg of nicotine strength.

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