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Are Disposable Vapes Really Worth The Hype?


Posted on février 22 2020

Are Disposable Vapes Really Worth The Hype?

A disposable e-cigarette is a vape that is ready to vape right out the package and is thrown out once the e-liquid or battery is finished. Disposable vapes are designed for a single use and are commonly purchased because of the low price and convenience. 

In early 2017 disposable vapes were first released into the market but only recently have they become more popular. Some common disposable vape brands are; Posh vape, Puff bar, and VGOD STIG.

The price range for these devices can range from $10 to $15 which makes them more appealing to customers not willing to spend more. The disposable vape can last between 150-350 puffs depending on how you use the device and which brand you are vaping.

Disposable vape devices can be good for users who are looking for a temporary vape that is easy to use. A downside to these devices is that many bootleg companies have created almost identical copies of some real disposable vape brands. What makes buying these dangerous is that the vape is pre-filled and it is difficult to know what ingredients are being inhaled. Having said that, it is very important you purchase all vape gear from an authorized shop. 

Disposable Vape Pros:

  • Cheap for one time use
  • Simple to use

Disposable Vape Cons:

  • Single use
  • Small battery only lasts up to 350 puffs
  • Limited flavor options
  • Limited nicotine strengths
  • Creates more waste
  • Cost more if used as long term vape
  • Can be harmful if purchased by an unauthorized site or store

Generally speaking, for anybody looking to quit smoking and begin vaping I recommend purchasing a refillable vape over a disposable vape. With a refillable vape you have a variety of devices, nicotine strengths, and e-liquids to choose from. You will have all control over customizing your vape experience. Most importantly you will know what is inside your vape before inhaling. All products available at The Vape Company are from authorized manufacturers. Visit The Vape Company locations and our associates will help you find a vape device that is safe and best suited for you!

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