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5 Ways To Avoid Dry Hits


Posted on décembre 10 2019

5 Ways To Avoid Dry Hits

Dry hits effect every vaper whether you are a beginner new to vaping or an advanced user that has been vaping for a while. There isn't a specific vape or technology that could prevent dry hits. However this does not mean there’s nothing you can do to affect how often you experience these hits. There are a few tips you could practice to limit the amount of dry hits you experience. 

What Is A Dry Hit?

A dry hit is when you try to use your device and instead of tasting your e-liquid, you taste a burnt cotton like flavor. The reason why dry hits occur is because the wick inside your atomizer is not saturated enough. So when you activate your device the heated wick creates a more burnt tasting flavor. 

Sometimes dry hits can be caused by the user and how they use their device. There are a few steps you could take to prevent dry hits from occurring frequently.

Prime Your Coils

If you haven’t been priming your coils… this might be the reason you are experiencing dry hits. Priming your coils is an important step towards maintaining the quality of your coil to last longer and not burn out too quickly.

Every time you install a new coil you must prime it. To prime your coil simply saturate the exposed cotton on your coil with the e-liquid you would like to vape. Reassemble and fill the tank with e-liquid. Then let your tank sit for a good 10 minutes. This will ensure that the cotton inside your coil is correctly saturated and ready to be heated.

If the wicks on the coil are not correctly saturated, heating them will only cause the cotton to burn thus creating dry hits.

To learn more about how to prime your coils click here.

Break In Your Coils

After saturating the wicks of your coil another important step is to break in or prepare your coil for use. To do so you can simply take a couple drags from the mouthpiece of your tank WITHOUT firing your device.  This will force e-liquid to be sucked in to the coil further saturating the coil.

To prepare your coil for the heat you will fire it at pay attention to the recommended wattage of your coil. Each coil will have a recommended wattage rang written on it or its packaging. Let's say the recommended coil range for your coil is 30W-50W. When you first begin using it, run your device at 25W, then gradually move up. You want to use your coils at an average wattage. If you use this same coil at 50W you will risk burning the coil very quickly.


Change Your Coil

The vape kit you purchased may have come with the coils you use. However, there may be other coils better suited for you. If you find that your coils are burning too quickly you should look to purchase coils that can withstand a higher wattage setting instead. Coils designed for your preferred wattage range will help you prevent dry hits from occurring frequently and from having to replace your coils often.

There are many great vape company brands out there that design very reliable coils. Nonetheless mistakes can always happen and sometimes the coil is just not suited for your preferred vaping experience. If you find that the specific coil you have been using creates too many dry hits. Switch to a coil with a different design.

Another option is to not take drags so close together. Give your vape a break between hits for fewer dry hits. This doesn't mean you have to wait 30 minutes between every inhale… Just give your vape about 30 second to rewick and you should be ready to go!


Lower Your VG Level

Higher Vegetable Glycerin e-liquids tend to create more vapor and that is why many vapers enjoy these flavors. An all though they may be great with cloud production they are not very great for your coils. Higher VG e-liquids are thicker and harder to absorb by the cotton insider your coil. As you know already because the coil isn't correctly saturated it creates dry hits.


Keep Your Tank Filled With E-liquid

To avoid dry hits it is important to make sure your tank is almost always full. If your tank is running low on e-juice and the coil is not fully saturated, the coil will create dry hits and is more likely to burn out quickly.


The tips mentioned above can drastically lower the amount of dry hits you experience. You may feel that practicing just one of these tips will do the trick. But in fact practicing all these methods together will prevent dry hits and will better your vaping experience!


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