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2019 Favorites: Tanks


Posted on décembre 31 2019

2019 Favorites: Tanks

When purchasing a tank, the various amounts of products can be confusing to choose from. The type of tank that's right for you depends on a few things according to your preference; the brand, the compatible coils, the wattage of said coils, the price of compatible coils, and finally the price of the tank itself.

After testing multiple tanks with their devices we were able to narrow our favorites down to 5 different tanks.

Our top 5 favorite tanks of 2019 are as follows:

Uwell Crown 4 Tank

The Uwell Crown 4 Tank  is  one of the best tanks on the market. It can withstand a lot and continue to provide excellent flavor and vapor production. It is one of our favorites because it refuses to leak! The press fitted Uwell Crown 4 coils ensure airtight security between the coils and the tank so that e-liquid does not leak through. The tank has a bubble glass that can hold 6ml of e-liquid, which is just the right amount. You won't find yourself having to refill e-liquid as often as you would with a tank of smaller size. For those of you who may not like the visual appearance of the bubble glass or simply don't need that much e-liquid there is a 5 ml straight glass designed for this tank. A new feature that was created with the crown 4 tank is “self cleaning technology” which basically means if there were e-liquid drops inside the condensation holder the tank would vaporise it as you use your device.



Uwell Valyrian 2 Tank

Similar to the Crown 4 tank the Uwell Valyrian 2 Tank offers the same self cleaning technology to prevent leakage. The FeCrAl coil line designed for this tank produces massive clouds. Unlike the Crown 4, the Uwell Valyrian 2 coils are not press-fitted. The coils can range in wattage from 80W-120W which is quite impressive. To take full advantage of the wattage on these coils we do recommend you use a dual battery device for more power.

Aspire Odan Tank

The Aspire Odan tank is not only visibly appealing but it also performs exceptionally well. This tank is great for any vaper looking to produce a lot of vapor. By visibly appealing we talk about the diamond cut crystal tank. This glass design offers a stronger, more heat resistant technology when compared to your regular glass tank. The tank can hold 5.5 mL of e-liquid which is pretty decent for a sub ohm tank. The Odan coils designed for this tank can withstand many different power levels between 35W-80W so you can comfortably adjust your power to suit your needs. These coils are easy to use because of their press fit design. Aspire also made a shut off valve to prevent any juice from entering the coil chamber when you are replacing your coils. This tank offers great vapor, great flavor, an elegant design, and most importantly no leakage when replacing coils.

Horizontech Falcon King Tank

The Falcon King tank by Horizontech is made with stainless steel and is paired with a matching drip tip for any of the 10 colours you wish to purchase it in. The overall exterior is very neat and would go great with any mod you use it with. Unlike the average 5ml tank this tank offers 6ml in juice capacity which is more than enough to last you more than a day. All the falcon coils are compatible with this tank. Two new coils were released with this tank, the Horizontech Falcon M-Dual and the M1+ coil. Ultimately the juice capacity, the long lasting M1+ coil, and the design make this tank a great buy if you are looking to upgrade.

Smok TFV16 Tank

The Smok TFV16 tank is really one of a kind. Its juice capacity of 9mL can not be beat. You will rarely find yourself refilling this tank but when you do there is a simple top fill cap. Once you’ve filled your tank and closed the top cap, the top cap locks on its own to avoid leakage. This tank also has a larger opening for air flow to help create larger clouds. The Smok TFV16 coil line consists of 4 different mesh coils! Each produces massive vapor and awesome flavor. The coils range from 80W - 120W for those of you who enjoy extravagant clouds.


Honorable Mention…

Of course from all the tanks available for use not all of them could be chosen for top 5. The following are some tanks that did not fit our criteria for top 5 but were very close! These tanks perform very well and would be a great buy for any vaper looking to purchase a new tank.

Aspire Nautilus BVC Tank

The Nautilus BVC tank is the only large 5mL e-liquid capacity atomizer from the Aspire Nautilus line. It is designed to have 4 different airflow options for you to adjust according to your style. This tank is compatible with all the Aspire Nautilus BVC coils and is great for users who prefer less vapor and more flavor. The wattage range for the BVC coils is 7W-23W great for people who desire a stronger throat hit over tremendous vapor.


Smok TFV12 Prince Tank

The Smok TFV12 Prince Tank close to the TFV16 tank has a juice capacity of 8mL which is much greater than most. This tank has a large line of coils called the Smok Prince coils. The coils can range from 30W - 120W depending on the coil you use. This tank is great for intermediate users to start off with at lower wattage and move their way up to become advanced users. This tank can be used with an internal battery device and even a dual battery device. All the coils provide excellent flavour and depending on which coil you use you can chuck enormous clouds as well.


All of the tanks mentioned above are available for purchase at all The Vape Company locations as well as online at

For any information about which tank may be best for you, visit The Vape Company Today!

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