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2019 Favorites: Dessert E-Liquids


Posted on décembre 29 2019

2019 Favorites: Dessert E-Liquids

Here at The Vape Company some of our favorite e-liquids to vape are Dessert flavoured. Dessert flavours can be so unique with flavours that resemble pies or cereals. They usually contain a higher level of VG which makes them thicker but also helps them create more vapor and more flavor.

Our top 5 dessert flavored e-liquids of 2019 are…

Dinner Lady - Lemon Delight

Lemon Delight by Dinner Lady is one of our favorite dessert flavors because of how closely it resembles a lemon tart. They were spot on with the flavoring and it actually tastes amazing. This is a must try for all dessert lovers!

Twelve Monkeys - O-Rangz

Remember that Froot Loops cereal you loved having for breakfast growing up, well now there's a vape flavour for it! This e-liquid is great for those of you who always miss breakfast. This flavour is the perfect blend of milky, wheaty, fruit loop, goodness. Overall this flavor is perfectly sweet and not too sweet and is an excellent flavor to vape all day.

The Vape Company - Dip

Our team at The Vape Company formulated this e-liquid to resemble another one of your favorite childhood snacks. This mix contains flavoring of vanilla frosting, and tiny bits of caramel and custard to come together and perfectly resemble Dunkaroos!

Dip is available in freebase and salt nic so all dessert lovers can have a try.

Jam Monster - Strawberry

Jam Monster has a wide range of dessert flavors which are all amazing. However as difficult it is to choose just one, we pick strawberry jam to be the ultimate flavor from the Jam Monster line. This e-liquid tastes like fresh strawberries and jam with a slight hint of butter. Strawberry Jam is the perfect fruity / dessert flavor!

The Milkman - Heavenly Delight (Vanilla Whip)

From many of the creamy flavors available at The Vape Company one of our favorites is Vanilla Whip recently renamed to Heavenly Delight by The Milkman. This flavor is perfect for those of you who enjoy a rich creamy and sweet vape. Unlike other cream flavors this one is not mixed with other fruit flavors which makes it a flawless vanilla custard e-liquid.


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