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Designed by British American Tobacco (BAT), the Vype ePen 3 is a truly easy-to-use mouth to lung starter kit, meant to get you vaping in an affordable and simple way. As the name suggests, the Vype ePen 3 is the third generation of the ePen series and the newest addition builds further onto the iconic design. In terms of capabilities, the ePen 3 comes equipped with a 650mAh internal cell and utilizes pre-filled 2mL vype pods which should provide approximately 200 puffs of vapor. While the device is fairly impressive, especially for its size and cost, the true appeal of the Vype ePen 3 lies in the pods it uses. In this kit, vapers will receive Crisp Mint and Blended Tobacco Cartridges, with either 18mg/ml freebase nicotine or 30mg vPro nicotine salts. There are an assortment of other flavours also available for the device, though they are sold separately. Ultimately, the Vype ePen 3 offers vapers an extremely practical, pocket sized e-cigarette that should help any smoker easily transition to vaping.

One of the biggest differentiators as far as build quality is concerned is most definitely the material used in constructing the chassis. It looks like the Vype ePod doesn’t pull any punches in this department and opts for a metal body construction in contrast to the usual plastic that their Vype ePen 3 featured in order to cut down on costs.

The result is a slightly heftier device, but one that never feels cumbersome thanks to the low overall size of the kit.

The Vype ePod doesn’t really flex any muscles when taking into account its aesthetic appeal. What we get because of this is a relatively minimalist design that still manages to look good.

In contrast to most pod-style devices, the Vype ePod uses a proprietary magnetic charger similar to the juul. This is kind of a letdown in our opinion as this makes things more difficult in the off chance that the charger is misplaced or lost. You the user won’t have any choice but to buy another one of these proprietary chargers from Vype themselves.

Pod-style kits usually fall into two camps which tends to divide its user base. The device either uses refillable pods that enable the user to vape any e-liquid of their choosing like the or in the case of the Vype ePod, the user is required to purchase pods prefilled with e-liquid created, packaged, and sold by the manufacturer itself.

While this might be a bad thing for pod-style fans who are on a budget, those looking for the utmost of convenience when it comes to setting up and using their devices might see value in this.

The Vype ePod also manages to nail down the ideal MTL airflow down pat as it delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience that most transitioning or newbie vapers will come to appreciate.

Power Flexibility

There’s not much to say about the Vype ePod in this regard.  Streamlined usability often leads to a lack of options and this device exemplifies this well with its straightforward use and lack of general options and vaping modes to play around with.

For starters, the power delivery system on the  Vype ePod is a lot better as we’ve experienced practically zero misfires on the device.

Like most kits, the  Vype ePod offers a short suite of features which make the device a lot safer to use. This list extends to an overcharging and overcurrent protection which ensures that the internal battery used in the device doesn’t draw too much current from the outlet nor will it allow the battery to charge over the recommended safety threshold.

Over-discharging protection is also present which cuts off the power delivery on the  Vype ePod as soon as the internal battery falls below a certain voltage limit.