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STLTH is a nicotine vape brand founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Canada and the US. This group of individuals were all ex-smokers who relied on vape products to replace their traditional cigarettes. However when faced with various day to day activities and schedules the average vape did not seem reasonably easy to use. They then designed a solution and created the STLTH brand to provide everyday users with a convenient and compact nicotine vape they could take anywhere.

STLTH includes one single device designed for everyday smokers who need a healthier alternative to cigarettes. This easy to use device only has two components which are; the battery (device) and the pod. The battery or device is simply where all the power comes, it is a key component for the function of the vape. The pod is where the coil (filter) and the e-liquid containing nicotine is placed. The pod is sealed meaning you cannot refill it nor could you replace the coil. Once the e-liquid in the pod has been vaped and the pod is empty, you simply throw out the pod and replace it with another. To use the device is straightforward; you do no more than plug the pod into the device and begin vaping.

At The Vape Company you can find the STLTH starter kit which includes one berry blast pod in all four colours; black, grey, navy blue, and pink. You may also purchase only the device without the extra pod in any of the four colours available. For replacement pods we have over 22 flavours available. Replacement pods come in a pack of 3 and are available in 3 different levels of nicotine; 20mg (2%), 35mg (3%), and 50mg (5%). All STLTH starter kits, devices, and flavours mentioned above are available for purchase in-store or online at The Vape Company.

For information and help regarding various nicotine levels and flavours chat with us, email us at, or visit us in-store.