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  • PODS
Stlth Stlth Pods (berry Blast)
Raspberries, Strawberries and Other Exotic Berries.
Stlth Stlth Pods (crisp Apple)
Red apple flavor with a Tart Finish
Stlth Stlth Pods (frost)
Peppermint Inhale blended with a Frosty Spearmint Exhale
Stlth Stlth Pods (honeydew Menthol)
Honeydew Melon with a Menthol Exhale
Stlth Stlth Pods (hope Berries)
Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries

Many vape devices use pods to hold and vaporize e-liquid. The pod is a crucial part of your pod system vape and is needed to correctly use the device. 

There are 3 different types of pods:

  • Pre-filled closed pods
  • Open pods without interchangeable coils
  • Open pods with interchangeable coils

Pre-filled closed pods are replacement pods that come with a pre-installed coil and pre-filled e-liquid. A closed pod is no use once the e-liquid is finished or coil is burnt (before finishing e-liquid.) After the e-liquid is finished you simply throw out the pod and replace it with another pre-filled pod. 

Some examples of pre-filled pods are; STLTH, JUUL, and Vype.

All open pods are pods that you fill with your own e-liquid in. 

Then there are two different open pods, one is where you can not change the coil placed inside. These pods only require you to refill e-liquid, once the coil is burnt you throw it out. These pods allow you to choose between a wide range of flavour without the hassle of replacing coils.

The second type of open pod is one where you fill your own liquid and replace coils as well. These pods let you customize your vape experience with more flavour options and coil options.

Examples of open pods with replaceable coils are; SmokTech Nord 2 Pod, Voopoo Drag Baby Trio, Voopoo Vinci, Aspire breeze.

Examples of open pods without replaceable coils are; Uwell Caliburn, Uwell Caliburn Koko, SmokTech Infinix 2, Voopoo Drag Nano pod.

Here you can find all the open and closed pods available for purchase at The Vape Company. For any help message us on our live chat for a quick response.


A pod system sometimes known as a mini vape, pod vape, or vape pod is a small e-cigarette device designed to help smokers quit smoking. A pod device will resemble a cigarette nicotine hit and is conveniently designed to fit in your pocket without weighing you down. A pod device can be great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level vapers because of all the variations available on the market.

You can easily divide all the different pod systems available into two categories; open pod systems and closed pod systems.

Closed pod systems are devices that come with pre-filled pods. With these devices you do not need to worry about refilling the nicotine e-juice on your own. Once the pod is empty you can easily buy replacement pods that are already filled with e-liquid, and continue vaping. Some examples of closed pod systems are; STLTH, VYPE, RELX, and JUUL.

Pros of a closed pod system

  • Resembles a cigarette feeling
  • Great for quitting smoking
  • Discreet, does not create too much vapor
  • Less likely to leak
  • Simple to use
  • Recommended for people who don't want the fuss of having to replace coils.
  • Plug 'n' play
  • Avoid having to purchase coils and e-liquid separately

Cons of a closed pod system

  • Limited flavor options
  • Smaller battery
  • Pre-filled pods will cost more in the long run when compared to a 30ml e-liquid bottle used for open pod systems
  • Limited color options

Open pod systems are different in the way that you need to refill your pod on your own. When purchasing an open pod system you will also need to purchase a bottle of e-liquid. To use the device you will have to fill e-liquid in to the pod of your device to begin vaping. Open pod systems also require you to change coils or pods once they are burnt. Your replaceable coil or pod is basically your filter. Once the filter has been used enough times it must be replaced. Some examples of open pod systems are; SmokTech Nord, Smok RPM, Uwell Caliburn, Voopoo Vinci, and Aspire Breeze.

Pros of open pod systems

  • Variety of coils to choose from to modify your vape experience
  • Variety of flavors to vape so you can switch often instead of having to stick to one
  • More nicotine levels are available to help you lower your nicotine intake
  • Wider range of device and brands to choose from
  • Bigger battery to last you all day
  • Larger e-liquid capacity to last you all day or even longer
  • Adjustable airflow to tighten or loosen your draw
  • Some devices allow you to adjust wattage for more or less power

Cons of open pod systems

  • Must refill pods
  • Must replace pods or coils
  • May cause a mess when replacing coils
  • Must purchase coils/pods and e-liquid separately