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You’re just minding your own business, got your vape in your pocket and once you pull it out the mouthpiece is missing? Or you drop your vape and the mouthpiece just rolls off the edge of the Earth? It doesn’t happen often but it does happen and it can be quite frustrating. Although it is a very small part of the vape, a missing mouthpiece kind of takes away from the whole experience. Having said that if you have suffered the loss of your nicotine vape or cannabis vaporizer mouthpiece you don’t need to be worried! At The Vape Company we always have a variety of different mouthpieces available for nicotine vape tanks and cannabis vaporizer devices. 

When looking for the correct mouthpiece you must ensure that the mouthpiece is compatible with the vape device you have, or else you’ll end up with a mouthpiece that doesn't fit right or does not fit at all. 

Many mouthpieces for nicotine vape tanks are pressfitted meaning they are pushed into the tank. However there are some tanks that have mouthpieces which are attached to the top of the tank without having to be pushed in and pressfitted. In such cases you must know what kind of mouthpiece your tank requires. For any help in purchasing the right mouthpiece for your tank visit The Vape Company and we will help you out!

Cannabis vaporizers tend to differ in mouthpiece designs depending on the shape and design of the vaporizer itself. In most cases you will have to find the exact mouthpiece your device originally came with. The Vape Company offers a large collection of vaporizers and mouthpieces for those vaporizers so you can always find replacements at your local The Vape Company location.

For any more information regarding mouthpieces and your device contact The Vape Company through live chat, email:, or visit us in store.