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The Vape Company offers a great selection of vape tanks suited for every vaper. When purchasing a new tank think about the juice capacity you prefer. Do you prefer to have a very large tank that prevents you from having to refill your e-liquid often. Do you wish to purchase a tank designed by the same brand as your device? Do you already have a favorite line of coils you need a tank for? Do you want a tank that has affordable replacements? Do you use salt nicotine e-liquids, freebase nicotine e-liquids, or sub-ohm salt e-liquids? What level of nicotine do you use?

These are all questions you should consider when purchasing a new tank.

For beginners some great vape tanks are the Aspire BVC tank and the Aspire GT tank. Both of these tanks are recommended for people who want a higher level of freebase nicotine. The Aspire BVC coils and the Aspire Nautilus 2s coils are both compatible with the Aspire BVC tank and Aspire Nautilus GT tank. These coils are designed to create enough vapor to resemble a cigarette and sometimes a bit more. Tanks with an average juice capacity between 3.5ml-5ml are great for beginners to intermediates. Coils designed for lower wattages are also recommended for beginner users. 

For intermediate users we recommend a tank that creates more vapor and more flavor better known as a sub-ohm tank. There are a variety of sub-ohm tanks that come in many sizes. From 4mL juice capacity and up to 9mL of juice capacity. These tanks come with their own line of coils that can be used from 30W - 120W and then some. For example the SmokTech TFV12 Prince Tank is only compatible with the SmokTech TFV12 Prince Coils. Sub-ohm tanks are aimed for users who vape lower levels of freebase nicotine and prefer more flavor and more clouds. Some great intermediate tanks are; Uwell Crown 4 tank, SmokTech Baby V2 tank, and the Horizontech Falcon King tank. The mentioned tanks can also be used by more advanced vapers with the right coil.

For advanced users there are many tanks available at The Vape Company like the SmokTech TFV16 Lite tank, Uwell Valyrian 2 tank, and the Voopoo Maat tank. Tanks designed for high power are preferred by advanced users. These tanks are best paired with a dual battery box mod and low level freebase nicotine e-liquids. A dual battery mod will ensure a long lasting charge while outputting great wattage levels. The high power creates an unbeatable flavor and massive clouds. Most of these tanks have a larger than 5mL juice capacity that allows the user to vape for longer without refilling e-liquid.

For information on which tank is right for you message us on our live chat for a quick reply!