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Looking for external batteries and external battery chargers? We’ve got you covered. 

We are always adding more batteries to inventory to meet all of our clients demands. We carry a variety of Samsung and LG brand vape batteries in store and online. Keep in mind  vape batteries do come in different sizes and some vape devices require a specific battery. If you are unsure about which battery may be designed for your device do not hesitate to contact The Vape Company.

One awesome buy for all external battery users is an external battery charger. If you already have one you know how helpful an external vape battery charger can be. For those of you who are still new to using external vape batteries, consider purchasing an external vape battery charger. An external vape battery charger can charge any extra vape batteries you have. So once the vape batteries you are using are out of charge you can just place them on the vape battery charger and replace them with your back up pair of vape batteries to continue vaping. An external vape battery charger can also charge multiple vape batteries at the same time. Depending on the charger you could charge anywhere between 2-6 vape batteries at the same time. This saves time and removes the hassle of checking on your 2 batteries every little while to see if your device is ready to charge 2 more.

For safe travel purposes we also have vape battery cases available to prevent anything from happening to your vape batteries.

It's important to make sure your vape batteries are always in good shape. If you feel that the wrapping around your vape battery has ripped or is peeling off no need to purchase a new battery just visit The Vape Company in-store and our associates will re-wrap your battery.

For information on which battery is to be used with your device contact The Vape Company through live chat, email, or in store.